Criminal cases

Aleksandr Kharchenko has extensive experience in supporting cases in criminal proceedings, as well as experience in representing defence and prosecution parties in courts and other law enforcement agencies and organisations in Ukraine.

This allows for the comprehensive protection of natural and legal persons in prosecution-related cases.

A criminal charge contains not only reputational risks but also the risk of undue restraint, so it is hard to imagine a more compelling reason to take the time to find highly qualified representation.

"I need a good criminal defence lawyer" is the request most often heard in a modern law firm. Every law firm sooner or later gives up and gets its own practice in this area, and only the most astute outsource such clients to experienced criminal defence lawyers, whose shortlist includes Alexander Kharchenko.

Another advantage of Aleksandr Kharchenko as a criminal defence lawyer in the legal services market is his legal investigation in Ukraine and abroad. The service includes:

  1. - collection of evidence,
  2. - requesting and obtaining information and documents,
  3. - initiating investigations, expert examinations and other actions in the interests of the client in cases provided for by law.

The attorney has a significant experience in tracing people; inherited, disputed, concealed property cases; restoration of lost family ties, contacts, documents; establishment and documentation of financial status, business reputation of legal and physical persons of "business risks"; establishment of marital status, paternity, citizenship, residence, birth and death.

If necessary, the service may also include a polygraph test (lie detector). What is this procedure and why is it needed? A polygraph examination is an interview that helps to establish the truthfulness of specific information. A polygraph is a device with special sensors that record a person's physiological indicators, such as breathing rate, heartbeat, skin conductivity, etc. Based on the indicators collected, the polygraph examiner draws a conclusion as to whether or not the person is involved in a particular act.

Lie-detector tests are only carried out with the voluntary written agreement of the interviewee. Before the procedure, the polygraph examiner conducts a discussion to familiarise the person with the questions to be answered during the test. The examiner needs to make sure that the interviewee understands the questions. You do not need to fear this test as our polygraph examiner has over ten years' experience.

Advocate investigation is a service provided by the best criminal lawyers in Kiev

Such investigation is carried out as part of the lawyer's professional activities on the basis of the Law of Ukraine "On the Bar and Advocacy". In particular, Article 20 of the Law gives a lawyer the right to collect information about facts, receive and seize things and documents and also to interview individuals (with their consent). However, not all lawyers have the skills and resources to exercise their right to conduct a full-fledged lawyer investigation. The work of such lawyers usually boils down to appealing against procedural violations committed by law enforcement authorities as part of their investigation.

Attorney Alexandr Kharchenko stands out for his courageous approach and proactive life position. Where traditional methods of defence in criminal proceedings are powerless, Alexandr Kharchenko's legal investigation is able to turn the situation around in favour of his client.

In any country, the protection of the rights of convicts is a matter that is dealt with by a limited circle of lawyers. Once the sentence has come into legal force, the rights and freedoms of prisoners can be neglected. The task of a lawyer is to remind the authorities for the execution of sentences that convicts are endowed with the entire spectrum of rights of a Ukraine citizen, except for restrictions imposed by law.

The service includes:

  1. - the exercise of the right to pardon,
  2. - exercising the right to parole, 
  3. - petition to take into account the individual characteristics of the convicted person when determining correctional labor.

You can also contact the attorney Alexandr Kharchenko for the protection of the interests of the convicted person in the following cases:

  1. - incorrect calculation of the time of serving the sentence;
  2. - illegal transfer from one place of serving a sentence to another;
  3. - hindering the receipt of necessary personal belongings, due dates with loved ones;
  4. - unfair remuneration of the prisoner.

Due to their incompetence, law enforcement agencies are often inactive where their intervention is necessary. A frequent response to a statement about the commission of a crime, on the basis of which law enforcement officers should initiate a criminal case, is a refusal order. In this case, the victim needs the help of a lawyer in order to oblige law enforcement officers to do their job in court.

Law enforcers also tend to discontinue criminal cases initiated in this way over time.. In this case, the attorney submits petitions before this has happened in order to stimulate the necessary investigative actions.

The service includes:

  1. - representation of the client's legitimate interests in law enforcement agencies
  2. - appeal against the inactivity of the investigator and the prosecutor
  3. - representation of the client's legitimate interests in court

For effective protection of his violated right, the victim needs to understand the structure of the system of law enforcement agencies, the principles of organization and implementation of their activities, as well as control. In other words, in such cases, the victim needs a knowledgeable attorney, experienced and competent. Attorney Alexander Kharchenko is just such an attorney.


Attorney Aleksandr Kharchenko provides assistance in redressing harm caused to a client by law enforcement officers in the course of exercising their powers. The illegality of actions, omissions and decisions taken by representatives of state authorities can give rise to legal claims for compensation for the harm caused in such cases, including pecuniary damage.

The service includes:

  1. - collection of necessary documents
  2. - expert assessment of the harm caused.
In his methodology for assessing moral damage, attorney Alexandr Kharchenko uses methods for assessing non-property damage that exist in world practice. This generally increases the chances of a claim being successful.



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